Small Business Accounting
Certified Signing Agent - Mobile Notary
I provide small businesses with the accounting/bookkeeping needs that their specific business may need.  This allows the business owners to do what is more important, making their business productive.  I have several years experience working with large companies and small, there is no business too small to need an accountant's help.  I will also consult with businesses on how to set up internal controls and good accounting system so that they can do their own bookkeeping if needed, and then be available for questions as they arise.

I am also a Certified Signing Agent (CSA) that provides mobile notary work in Oregon and Washington.  My fees are based on where the signing is located and the travel time.  This allows people to not miss work and still be able to get the signings done. I completed my certification and advanced training with Notary2Pro, I am also listed on their site as a graduate of the courses.

The Services I offer as a notary are:

Reverse Mortgage
Structured Settlement
Debt Consolidation
Jail/Prison Signings 
I also do the on-call Document signings, such as; divorce documents, child custody, power of attorney, vehicle verification.

My hours are extremely flexible and will accommodate even the graveyard workers.  Weekends are not an issue unless otherwise scheduled.

I am listed with Notary Cafe at  you can find all my specification there and most of my fees.  I am also listed with Notary Rotary at and on the mobile app notary search.

Please feel free to contact me  as I provide many business needs, depending on the circumstances.  

Feel free to browse the rest of the site as I do much more than what I have listed here.  Just follow the tabs as they are created and I hope you enjoy. 
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